Tax Planning and Preparation

The CPAs, accountants and bookkeepers at Las Vegas Bookkeeping offer a wide range of tax preparation, tax planning  and tax settlement services to business clients in and around Las Vegas. Regardless of whether your business is a large corporation or a small sole proprietorship,   our CPAs and tax professionals are prepared to provide you with expert tax services that are guaranteed to meet all compliance requirements and are aimed at reducing tax liabilities.


Our Advantage

The accountants and bookkeepers at Las Vegas Bookkeeping are knowledgeable in all areas of tax law and are experienced at communicating with the IRS. Our CPAs have prepared many thousands of business income tax returns and are familiar with all aspects of corporate taxation. Because our firm consists of licensed CPAs our firm has the distinct advantage of being able to represent its clients before the IRS on all tax issues, not just returns they have personally prepared.

Our Services

Business Tax Preparation
Our CPAs and tax professionals professionally prepare and submit all federal, state and local tax returns according to the strict guidelines set by the respective tax agencies. Our professionals are experiences in all aspects for business tax preparation and planning.

Business Tax Obligations
Our CPAs and licensed tax professionals ensure that our business clients fulfill all of their income, payroll, sales and excise tax obligations.

Tax Planning
Our primary goal is to ensure that our clients take advantage all available tax planning opportunities.  We commonly tell our clients that our job is to make a difference during the year as opposed to at tax filing time.

Audit Defense
Our CPAs and tax professionals have extensive experience with the audit process and have successfully represented hundreds of  business clients that have been selected for IRS audits. We are available to represent taxpayers before the IRS regardless of who prepared the initial returns.

Tax Settlement Services
Our CPAs provide a wide range of tax settlement services.  We can evaluate your options to settle IRS and state tax balances to achieve the best possible result for you and your business.

We are available to Begin the process of getting your business tax affairs in order today! Allow the tax professionals at Las Vegas Bookkeeping to assist your business in meeting business tax responsibilities that are both numerous and complex. Our accountants and bookkeepers have the knowledge, experience and credentials necessary to satisfy all of your tax preparation, tax planning and tax settlement needs, no obligation consultation.