las vegas bookkeeper Services

Maintaining accurate financial records is the foundation of a successful business. The licensed and certified professionals at Las Vegas Bookkeeping have over 75 years of combined experience providing tax and accounting solutions to businesses and business owners.  Our Las Vegas Bookkeeper services can be customized to meet the goals of you and your business.

Bookkeeper services may be provided in a variety of ways and with a variety of software programs. Most privately owned businesses in the business world use Quickbooks as their primary accounting software.  Quickbooks is relatively inexpensive, user friendly and provides a wide variety of functions and reports.  Las Vegas Bookkeeping staff hold advanced Quickbooks certifications and are experts in the set up and use of Quickbooks software.  Our professionals are also familiar with Sage and other advanced accounting software packages.

In the past almost all bookkeeper services were provided at the clients work location.  With current technology it has become more common to provide bookkeeper services primarily remotely with client location meetings as needed. In all cases, the solution is suited to meet the needs of you and your business.  Remote bookkeeper services can be accomplished using shared Quickbooks online software of by using shared access solutions to client Quickbooks software. 

Our professionals have extensive experience working with clients in a wide range of industries. All of our consultations are free and we welcome the opportunity to speak with you regarding the needs of your business.  Contact us for a free consultation.